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About Us

When Don Temple talks about his world, it is in a sort of easygoing manner that belies the amazing life he’s had. But his voice still rings with enthusiasm and emotion when he touches on subjects as varied as flying around the world, helping to revive a local hospital, assisting a Russian teen in getting an American education and, of course, being at the forefront of self storage before it was even called self storage. And at 79, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down a lot.

You see, Temple is a man who loves what he does, both in his work and his private life. He can appreciate what he’s earned because he has been a man willing to take some chances, notably when he entered the realm of self storage. Few people in the United States in the mid 1960s even thought about the concept of storing their valuables anywhere but their homes. And as obvious as it is to us now, back then people found a way to store what they had in attics, garages and closets. And extra cars? Well, they just sat out in the driveway.