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RV, Boat and Self Storage Services in Long Beach, CA.

Don’t have room to store large items in a cramped driveway or in the house? Give Don Temple Storage a call. Their convenient Long Beach storage location on Spring Street near Lakewood Boulevard has dedicated outdoor storage area designed specifically for RV storage, boat storage and vehicle storage. This Don Temple storage location has enough room to securely store the largest yachts and mobile homes. Plus, self-storage units are available in convenient sizes and at this location and two additional locations in Long Beach and Lakewood.

Keeping personal items safe is important business, and it’s been a priority since Don Temple constructed his first storage units in the 1960s when self-storage wasn’t a household word. With outdoor storage, there’s no need to worry about height and width limits or specific size requirements. U-Store & Lock on Spring Street is the place to go for storing large vehicles and mobile items.

Don Temple U-Store & Lock works with homeowners and individuals who are storing their mobile homes or RVs for season. Seasonal boat storage for yachts, speed boats, trailers and watercraft is no problem. There’s no reason to block the driveway or to pay inflated rates for parking in marina when boats can driven directly to U-Store & Lock and parked in the designated outdoor storage area. As dedicated self-storage complex, U-Store & Lock has round the clock monitoring, protective fences and other security measures to keep valuable items safe.

By choosing U-Store & Lock, individuals can empty their driveways, and enjoy flexible, worry-free storage for large items. Whether vehicle owners are moving overseas, moving to another part of the country or taking their commercial vehicles, personal cars or motorcycles off the road for the season, Don Temple stores it all. The biggest benefit of choosing U-Store & Lock is the freedom customers have to use their storage space today, and check out tomorrow. There’s no need to provide advanced notice. When owners don’t need their storage space, they can end their commitment with written notice when they secure their stored items. Because U-Store & Lock is open seven days a week, customers never have to wait to access their items.

Get that driveway back with RV storage and store boats and trailers in Don Temple’s locked and guarded storage lot. Call (562) 684-2019 for more information on vehicle storage and traditional self-storage units today.