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About Us

When founder Don Temple talked about his world, it was in a sort of easygoing manner that belies the amazing life he had. His voice rang with enthusiasm and emotion when he touched on subjects as varied as flying around the world, helping to revive a local hospital, assisting a Russian teen in getting an American education and, of course, being at the forefront of self storage.

Don was a man who loved what he did, both in his work and his private life. He appreciated what he earned because he was a man willing to take some chances, notably when he entered the realm of self storage in 1968. Few people in the United States in the mid 1960s even thought about the concept of storing their valuables anywhere but their homes. In later years he dedicated much time in giving back to the community that supported his enterprises. In September 2009 Don was inducted into the Self Storage Hall of Fame. When he passed in 2013, it was just five years short of the company’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Sumer Temple

The business is now owned and operated by Don’s daughter, Sumer Temple, who previously worked as the office manager. She attended Long Beach Poly High School, was editor-in-chief of the Long Beach City College Viking newspaper and graduated from Chapman University in 2000 with a degree in communications and English literature.

Sumer is a member of the National Self Storage Association, California Self Storage Association, Greater Long Beach Chamber of Commerce (2019-2020 Board of Directors), Rotary Club of Long Beach and was selected to be in the first group of President’s Ambassadors at Long Beach City College. She also serves on the Board of Governors Executive Committee at Long Beach City College.

It is with great pride that Sumer carries on the family business and continuing the legacy that Don Temple left behind.

Sumer Temple