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How Much Does RV Storage Cost?

When you pay for professional RV storage, you are paying to protect your investment and help maintain peace of mind as an owner. With so many different professional storage options available, you might be wondering how much does RV storage cost?

Let’s take a closer look to see if RV storage is the best option for you.

Average RV Storage Costs

RV storage costs can vary greatly and are hugely dependent on the variety of amenities available on site. Some professional RV storage facilities can be indoor, outdoor, be on gravel or paved lots, and may not offer sewage dumping stations.

Outdoor RV Storage Costs

Outdoor RV storage can cost as low as $30 per month and up to $60-$100, depending on the location. You can also anticipate paying more based on the size of your vehicle. 

Indoor RV Storage Costs

Since indoor RV storage facilities offer more amenities and overall protection, you can expect the costs are higher with these. Costs of indoor RV storage units range as follows:

  • Unheated indoor RV storage: $50-$125+
  • Heated indoor RV storage: $100-$450+

As to be expected, your RV size will also determine the pricing of your indoor RV storage unit.

Premium Services

Depending on the facilities you are looking at, you might find additional premium services available to you. These premium services might include:

  • Valet parking
  • Battery charging
  • Sewage dumping

Although these premium services will cost you more upfront, they will all help to maintain your RV and improve its running life, potentially making it the cheaper alternative in the long run.

Storing Your RV at Don Temple Storage

At Don Temple Storage, we aim to help you protect your investment as we keep it safe from thieves, vandals, and harsh weather conditions. Don Temple Storage is the best RV and boat storage in Long Beach.

Get that driveway back with RV storage and store boats and trailers in Don Temple’s locked and guarded storage lot. Call (562) 684-2019 for more information on our pricing packages for RV storage today.