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RV Storage Laws Long Beach

RV ownership is a delightful experience, but it comes with the duty of being aware of the laws and regulations surrounding it. At Don Temple Storage, we want to make sure that you are up-to-date on the RV storage laws Long Beach currently has in place.

Oversized Vehicle Restrictions

As of July 1, 2018, the City of Long Beach has released a public notice specifying oversized vehicles’ restrictions. According to this ordinance, an oversized vehicle is classified as a vehicle over 85 inches high, 80 inches wide, or 22 feet long.

The following restrictions apply for oversized vehicles in Long Beach:

  • Parking of oversized vehicles in residential neighborhoods or on city streets is prohibited without a proper permit.
  • Permits must be obtained through the City of Long Beach’s Parking Services.
  • With a permit, you may park your oversized vehicle adjacent to your residence for up to 72 consecutive hours.
  • You can receive no more than 12 permits per resident per year.
  • You can request an exception, but it must be done by writing to the City Traffic Engineer directly.

Why There Are Oversized Vehicle Restrictions

Although it might seem silly, the restrictions for oversized vehicles are there for a reason. After a series of complaints regarding parked oversized vehicles in residential and commercial spaces, the city responded with the ordinance. Because parking is already so limited in Long Beach, oversized vehicles are known for taking three or four parking spaces and also cause visual impairments to other motorists.

Reporting Oversized Vehicle Concerns

If you experience any concerns regarding oversized vehicle parking in Long Beach, you can call the City line 562-570-2866. You can also visit the City of Long Beach’s Parking Services website for more information.

Questions directly associated with oversized vehicle parking, including requests for exceptions to the restrictions, can be addressed by the City Traffic Engineer, Eric Widstrand, at the Department of Public Works. Reach Eric Widstrand by phone at 562-570-6537 or email

RV Storage at Don Temple Storage

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