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RV Storage Near Orange County

Even though being an RV owner comes with its perks, it’s also essential to address that it does come with a certain level of additional responsibilities. One of which is being responsible for storing an RV.

The good news is that you likely have a few different RV storage options to consider. If you’re looking for the best RV storage near Orange County, look no further than Don Temple Storage. In the meantime, check out a few of your RV storage options to decide what is best for your situation.

Storing Your RV at Home

Space is one of the primary factors when storing your RV at home. But, in addition to the area, there are other things to keep in mind, including HOAs and local laws and regulations. 

If you can store your RV at home, here are a few of your options.


If you have the space, a garage is an excellent option for storing your RV. Remember that you’ll need alternative plans to park your other vehicles if you have to give up your garage storage or parking for your RV.


Some people prefer parking their RVs in their driveway when not in use. There are some downsides to consider, even though driveway storage can provide excellent cost savings with a high level of security. Factors such as local laws, landlord rules, and HOA may disrupt your ability to store your RV in your driveway.

Backyard or Side Yard

Although it might seem like a great alternative storage solution initially, there are high costs associated in the long run with backyard or side yard RV parking options. You might want to consider another option since your RV will be fully exposed to the elements, and you still run the risk of theft.

Storing Your RV at a Storage Facility

You can pay to have your RV stored at a proper storage facility if you can’t or are looking for an alternative solution. There are several reasons to keep your RV in a professional storage facility, including protection from vandalism, theft, and the elements. 

Before refusing to pay RV storage facility costs, keep in mind that it is crucial to consider some of the long-run costs resulting from at-home storage. Remember that you run the risk of increased expenses associated with maintenance due to weather and vandalism or replacement in the instances of theft with at-home storage.

Storing Your RV at Don Temple Storage

At Don Temple Storage, we aim to help you protect your investment as we keep it safe from thieves, vandals, and harsh weather conditions. Don Temple Storage is the best RV and boat storage in Long Beach.

Get that driveway back with RV storage and store boats and trailers in Don Temple’s locked and guarded storage lot. Call (562) 684-2019 for more information on vehicle storage and traditional self-storage units today.