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Why Self Storage Is Great For College Students

There are countless deals available to students who want to store their belongings over the summer. Storing your possessions can be a great alternative to trying to bring them all home for the summer. Here’s why.


Focus On Finals – Not On Packing

Packing up after the school year is typically a mad dash completed in the sparse hours between finishing up final exams and papers and heading home for the summer. Add in the tendency of college students to cram for exams, and it’s easy to see how most college students wind up throwing all of their belongings in boxes, in great haste and on very little sleep. By opting for self-storage, college students can pack up their belongings and move out most of their stuff before finals. This allows for students to focus on their studies and end of year projects rather than worrying about moving.

Safer Than On-Campus Storage

While some colleges and universities offer on-campus storage options for students, there is generally no security and no guarantee that belongings will be safe and sound come September. Self-storage facilities, however, come with round the clock security, as well as climate control that ensures that bedding and books won’t get moldy or mildewed. Students can confidently leave precious belongings in storage without worry that they will be stolen or damaged. After all, there’s nothing worse than arriving back to campus to discover that all of your winter clothing was destroyed in a basement flood!

Easier Than Storing Belongings at Home

Some students can fit all of their belongings in just one car, but this can be extremely difficult for those living in large dorm rooms or off campus in fraternity/sorority houses or their own apartments. Instead of renting a truck and driving belongings home, college students can simply rent an appropriately sized storage unit. Plus, for students who might live across the country from their college or university (or even internationally), self-storage is a far more attractive option than shipping belongings, paying airline fees, or having to spend multiple days driving things home. Self-storage is cheaper than these options, too, especially since most moving companies offer significant discounts on storage unit rentals for college students.

Make Life Simpler For Next Year

Finally, college students who choose self-storage options don’t have to worry about getting their belongings back to school next year. They’ll already be located a convenient trip away from campus! At that point, college students can either rent a van for just a few hours to shuttle over their belongings, or take advantage of the many self-storage companies that offer free delivery of stored belongings back to campus or an apartment upon students’ return to school. This means less stress for college students moving back into a dorm, and less hassle for the parents who more often than not wind up moving them!

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