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New Security Features at Don Temple Storage

Don Temple Storage handles a lot of property and deals with many clients. That is why security is a crucial aspect of our business. We are a company that goes the extra mile to prevent theft because we take clients’ trust very seriously.

We have taken several measures to ensure that our facility is not susceptible to burglary. It is one of the features that separates us from any other storage facility.

In this post, we discuss some of the security features we have in place.

A 24-hour digital surveillance system

Don Temple Storage has a digital surveillance system that is operational all day and night. Through the surveillance, the company tracks movements and activities within the facility. The surveillance system consists of several cameras strategically located. The strategic positioning ensures there are no blinds spots within the facility.

Sufficient lighting all over the facility

We at Don Temple Lighting have heavily invested in ensuring proper lighting all over the storage facility. The lights at the interior and exterior facilitate movement and deter any trespassing. There are constant checks on the lighting to ensure they are all working. If there is a problem, it is addressed promptly. For instance, faulty bulbs are replaced immediately.

Restricted Access

Don Temple Storage has invested in an access system that requires employees and customers to enter unique codes at the doors and gates. The access system limits entries into the facility and access to different areas. Furthermore, it keeps a record of who has visited the facility and the times.

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