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RV Dump Stations Long Beach

An RV dump station facility is a place where recreational vehicles safely empty their wastewater into a septic or sewer system. The RV’s, usually self-contained, have black or/ and grey water holding tanks whose contents are emptied at the dump station by connecting the rig to the dump station input point using a sewer hose.

There are several dump stations found in Long Beach. They are found in RV parks and campgrounds sites. Apart from these sites, RV Dump stations can also be found at truck stops, rest areas, and gas stations.

Dump stations are put in place to provide a service. However, some people misuse the facilities, and this makes the maintenance more tasking. People leave messes and clog the dump drains by irresponsible dumping. Such actions create health hazards, cause aggravations, and are costly.

The following are pointers on how to use RV Dump Stations:

Always empty the black-water tank before it is two-thirds full. During the emptying of the black and grey tanks, start by emptying the black tank then proceed to empty the grey tanks. That is done to allow for the soapy water in the grey tank to be used to clean the black tank.

Always ensure that the valve of the black-water tank is closed. This is to prevent the contents of the tank from leaking. When the liquid from this tank leaks, it leaves behind the solid waste which hardens at the bottom of the tank.

When travelling always carry with you an extra garden hose. That is because sometimes the dump stations will lack the hose. In addition to that, while at the dump station, utilize the heavy-duty sewer hose whose length is about 6 to 8 feet.

The hose is easier to handle and makes your work much easier. Another key pointer is to keep the extra garden hose in a place where it will not be mixed up or encounter the hose used for drinking water.

Avoid at all costs using the fresh and clean water hose to do activities related to or meant for sewer hoses like rinsing the sewer hoses or cleaning the dump station area.

At all times wear protective rubber gloves. That way you prevent contamination and contracting anything unawares. Furthermore, minimize touching the outside of the gloves when you are not working with them. That way you also prevent any contamination when you are not working with the gloves.

It is important to remember to leave the dump station clean after you have used it. However, you can skip hose rinsing and tank flushing when there are people outside the dump station waiting to use the facility.

You can instead add a little water and some chemicals to the holding tanks. However, at all costs avoid putting into the holding tanks anything that is not from the tanks.

In conclusion, it is prudent to responsibly use the RV dump stations because of the important service they offer. This can be done by ensuring that these stations are used properly and left clean.